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Sailor Moon Super S Volume 4 Super Transformation


English Edited Version Rare Limited Release


Rare Limited Release - Sailor Moon SuperS TV7 Release


Season 3 of Sailor Moon, known as Sailor Moon Super recieved both an English Edited Release (TV7 Rating), and a Special Uncut Version (PG13 Rating). The intention was that younger viewers of the show could have home-video rated appropriately for them, while the older audience would also be able to get the full version of each episode.


Season 4 of Sailor Moon, known as Sailor Moon SuperS attempted to follow a similar format at the start of its VHS release, but could not complete the release in this format due to the nature of the final set of episodes of the season.


This Rare Limited Release consists of Volumes 1 and 2 released in similar format to the Uncut version of the season, followed up by four Special Clamshell Editions. The full set of six tapes covered most of the season, skipping episodes that would not have been able to be rated TV7 for home viewing. The final arc was never released in this format.


Additionally, these VHS tapes are the only officialy way to view the as seen on TV in the 90s version of these episodes, including the episode title changes that were originally made. The English version of the 90s Sailor Moon Theme is also used on these tapes, as well as special transition effects that are not present on the Special Uncut Version release.



Sailor Moon SuperS Volume 4 Super Transformation


"Sailor Moon SuperS: Super Transformation" is the fourth volume of the English Edited Version of Sailor Moon Super S. This tape is one of six that were released as part of a rare limited release of the season, featuring the as seen on TV, or English Edited Version, of the show. It contains episodes 142 - 145, and was released on June 11th, 2002.



  • Double Trouble
  • Recipe For Danger
  • Kicking Into High Gear
  • Tutu Treachery

Super Transformation

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