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Official VHS & DVD Shopping Guide

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Authenticity Guide

This section is meant to serve as a comprehensive shopping guide for those interested in purchasing officially released VHS & DVD items containing the original 90s English Dub of Sailor Moon. Please consider this entire website your resource for Moon Power.

Due to the nature in which the series was released, there have been many unofficial Sailor Moon VHS & DVDs created and sold over the years. All items sold and featured on Sailor Moon Video are authentic, collectible VHS and DVD items with accurate images and descriptions. When shopping elsewhere, please feel free to reference any item's details from our website to be sure you are making an informed purchase.

The Signature Series

Some authentic DVDs (The Signature Series by Genon) and other official box sets are not yet listed on Sailor Moon Video. Don't worry! They're coming soon.


When shopping for The Signature Series, look for the Genon Pioneer Signature Series branding across the top of the case, and a white DVD case. Some DVDs get moved to less-damaged cases over the years, so keep that in mind.


Buena Vista Video, ADV Films, and Genon / Pioneer are the only production companies that officially released the original 90s dub of Sailor Moon in any format.

Quality Guide

New Sealed

The item is brand new, still sealed in factory plastic. Some small tears in the plastic are acceptable. The item has not been damaged at all. Inserts should be included.

Like New

The item is very close to brand new. Some may even have plastic wrap, with only a small access cut at the bottom. Inserts are not guaranteed but may be present. Some light cosmetic shelf wear may be present on the slip cover due to the age of these items. No major damage or shelf wear is present. The tape or DVD may show light signs of age / use.


The item shows typical signs of use and age, but is still acceptable to most casual collectors. There may be small to moderate imperfections on the DVD case or VHS slip cover. The tape or DVD may show typical signs of age / use. Inserts are not included. DVDs may skip in places.


The item is still functional, but clearly used. This level is more for those looking for the content of the tape or DVD, over the display of the item itself. In some cases, the slip cover or DVD case may still look okay from one side or another. DVD will likely skip in some places, but is over-all still usable. VHS may show obvious signs of age / use.

Tape / DVD Only

The VHS or DVD itself could range in quality from Used to Like New, but has no slip cover or DVD case. No guarantees are made about the quality of the actual VHS or DVD received.


This is specific to DVD purchases. The DVD is known to be scratched, skipping in several places. The item may come with, or without a DVD case. If a case is included, there are no guarantees about the quality of the case. Scratched DVDs should still function moderately.

No Display

A box set marked as No Display will include the lowest quality VHS or DVDs from that specific set available, but ranging in quality from Tape / DVD Only to Like New. No guarantees are made about the quality of these items. Scratched DVDs included only when necessary. Buyer notified prior to shipping.

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Sailor Moon S Heart Collection Volume 3 III Signature Series DVD
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